Video killed the radio star - part I

Publicadas por Les Yeux Noir , lunes, 26 de abril de 2010 11:08

I promised several friends that I was going to post both in English and Spanish so this post is gonna be in English. Being a music and movie lover, can't help but to honor several videos that made history and that showed us that art is defined by those who are watching it. If the history, images, or lyrics within a song touches you, then, it is withouth more introduction I am gonna list some videos that in my opinion (which is not an expert's opinion) are works of art or at least were a cornerstone for many others to improve the quality of the videos they were making...

Royksopp - What Else is there?
Almost creepy but very sad, a complain, she begged, didn't get anything...

David Bowie - Little Wonder
Masterpiece from a Master...the original chameleon...

Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug
An awesome video "Directed by Mark Romanek and released on January 18, 1997. It portrays a despairing father played by Reznor who mourns a dead child in his gothic estate, losing himself in the consumption of absinthe"

Nine Inch Nails - Closer
Another video by NIN also directed by Mark Romanek, quite censored by its lyrics, however again, a homerun by Romanek "The video shows events in what appears to be a 19th century-style mad-scientist's laboratory that deal with religion, sexuality, animal cruelty, politics, and terror. It was somewhat controversial due to its imagery, which included a nude woman with a crucifix mask, a monkey tied to a cross, a pig's head spinning on some type of machine, a diagram of a vulva, and Reznor wearing an S&M mask while swinging in shackles"

Placebo - Pure Morning
Placebo's most known video "It focuses on the character of a suicidal man that Brian Molko plays. Police and authorities attempt to stop him from jumping from a building to end his life. Shots of the rest of the band consist of them being arrested for unseen crimes. News crews report on the scene and a single police officer runs through the building to attempt to convince the suicidal man from jumping. The officer doesn't reach him in time and he jumps; however he begins to walk down the vertical building as though it was horizontal, and proceeds to travel down to the ground, much to the shock of those watching." gives you goosebumps to watch it...

Last but not least...Rabbit in your headlight by UNKLE by Jonathan Glazer, premiered in November 1998. The critically acclaimed video won the MVPA's Best International Video of the Year Award in 1999. In 2006, Stylus Magazine ranked it number one on their list of the Top 100 Music Videos of All Time...

Many fans of this video have had their own interpretations of what it is trying to portray. Some say the video is a euphemism for suicide. Others believe the tunnel represents life and man's journey through it. Still others believe the man's parka represents his conscience, weighing him down, and when he sheds the parka, he sheds his burden. The video has also been described as a reference to Jesus Christ in which he takes the burdens as they come only to stand his ground in the final attempt of showing what he believes stands stronger than anything around him. Some also say it is a reference to the movie Jacob's Ladder as the song contains a dialogue sample from it.

10 Response to "Video killed the radio star - part I"

Lrofocale Says:

Buena seleccion ya espero la parte 2

Les Yeux Noir Says:

Que bueno que te gusto! hay tantos! tanto no conocidos como mainstream! pero bueno, la selección definitivamente como les decía requiere retroalimentación!

aminsarur Says:

Mi director favorito de videos es Michel Gondry (el director de Eterno resplandor de una mente sin recuerdos). Me gusta la forma en la que juega con los ambientes en algunos de sus videos y como incluso algunos parece haberlos logrado en una sola toma. Sus videos son de cualquier género.

Aquí mis favoritos:

Rolling Stones - Like a rolling stone

Daft Punk - Around the world

White Stripes - Fell in love with a girl

White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button

Foo Fighters - Everlong

Chemical Brothers - Let forever be

Kylie Minogue - Come Into my world

Paul McCartney - Dance Tonight

Radiohead - Knives Out (ufff echo en una sola toma)

Jugo de creatividad para mi. Espero los vean todos.

Como comentario, hay manera de pegar videos en el post, utilizando la herramienta de embed en el mismo Youtube o en cualquier página reproductora de videos decente.

Les Yeux Noir Says:

Gracias ;) algunos los conozco, otros no...en un rato los checho así como la manera de pegarlos, aunque no quería que se hiciera un post larguíiiiisimo por las imagenes. besitos!

iL Hell Dogma Says:

Hola ! recuerdo que hablamos de estos videos en Twitter, que buena idea de subirlos. Tambien me laten los videos de Michel Gondry que menciona aminsarur, le falto agregar unos que le hizo a Bjork que estan MUY recomendables.

De NIN ni se diga, es mi banda preferida y me late todo lo que saca Reznor.

checa estos igual estan algo dañados:


Aphex Twin:

White Stripes: este ultimo me late porque se me hizo cachondo ver a Kate Moss de teoibolera jaja

iL Hell Dogma Says:

me falto este que es de mis favoritos no tanto por lo visual sino por las magnificas bandas reunidas: Pearl Jam y Soundgarden, nada como escuchar a Chris Cornell y que Ed Vedder le haga coros:

Les Yeux Noir Says:

Muchas Gracias! los voy a subir en la segunda parte de este post que de seguro tendrá hasta parte 8!

aminsarur Says:

Quieren un video chicles?

Anónimo Says:

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